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Brian O'Sullivan


“I founded Zeus in 1997 selling pallet wrap from the back of a van and have navigated our growth to where we are today. I am active within the business, working with the board on strategic direction and business development. I like to personally support commercial innovation, staying connected with our teams across the world. I love to build, am at home with our customers, under- standing needs, innovating new products and concepts that improve environmental sustainability, creating more value for our customers, our business and the world we live in.”

Keith Ockenden


“I bear the ultimate responsibility for overseeing day-to-day group operations, steering the organisation towards the attainment of short and long-term strategic, financial & operational goals. As the guardian of Zeus values, I am committed to fostering a positive work environment and culture. My role involves ensuring that our investments yield favourable returns both financially and operationally, all the while upholding and instilling high standards throughout the organisation. Witnessing the success and accomplishment of my colleagues brings me immense satisfaction, and I am passionate about cultivating a winning mentality and fostering a continuous improvement mindset, all centred around putting our customers first.”

Amit Tanwar


My responsibility encompasses the comprehensive management of the end-to-end supply chain for Zeus Group on a global scale. This entails overseeing procurement, sourcing, planning, manufacturing, and the distribution of products. As the Chief Supply Chain Officer, I hold executive leadership over the entire supply chain management team, ensuring the seamless execution of daily supply chain responsibilities within Zeus Group.”

Adrian Lannon


“My role as Chief Operations Officer extends to the oversight of operations for all business units across the entirety of Zeus Group’s global locations. I am responsible for leading key initiatives, including coaching continuous improvement principles to drive efficiency and innovation and ensuring that every operational aspect aligns with our goal of achieving higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

I prioritize the implementation of robust health & safety measures to create a secure working environment for our employees. Their well-being is paramount, and we strive to maintain the highest standards  across all our operations.

I am deeply committed to the development of our employees. We believe in investing in our team, providing them with opportunities for growth and advancement.”

Sean O'Keeffe


I am at the helm of overseeing all aspects of the financial operation within the business and leading the finance and accounting teams. My responsibilities span the management of mergers and acquisitions, defining the financial structure, and optimising overall cash flow. Furthermore, I play a pivotal role in shaping our IT strategy and infrastructure, aligning technology initiatives with our financial objectives to enhance operational efficiency and support the company’s growth trajectory.”

David Acton


As Chief Commercial Officer, I collaborate closely with the Zeus leadership team to shape the overall direction of our business. My primary responsibility lies in formulating and executing the commercial strategy, ensuring the continual development of the company. In this multifaceted role, I engage in activities encompassing marketing, sales, product development, and customer experience, all aimed at propelling business growth and expanding market share. By orchestrating these key components, I contribute to the dynamic evolution and success of our organisation.”