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Zeus provides premium & innovative packaging solutions to the agricultural sector, supporting farmers and contractors to produce the highest quality fodder for their livestock herds.

We pride ourselves on providing Agricultural Packaging Solutions for farmers,  contractors and agricultural businesses looking to produce the best quality fodder and bedding. Baler Twines, Round Bale Netwrap, High Performance Silage Stretchfims and Silage Sheeting.

We offer Agricultural Crop Packaging products through our businesses in Ireland, UK, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Responsibly Sourced Solutions

Zeus is a proud member of the Irish Farm Film Producers Group, Ireland’s national farm plastics recycle scheme. The IFFPG works with farmers to provide easily accessible plastic recycling services, reducing the amount of used agricultural films sent to landfill.

We also work with other recycling schemes in markets around the globle, including APE UK and the Green Tractor scheme, to ensure responsible disposal of our products.

Some of our EPICROP products are manufactured using 30% recycled materials, so our customers can be assured that they are reducing their carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality of the film and the security of their fodder.

Additionally, some of our EPICROP netting products are manufactured from 100% recyled materials.

At Zeus EPICROP we continue to invest heavily in research and development to ensure we continue to provide new, environmentally friendly solutions to market.

Explore the full range of Zeus Agricultural packaging solutions

Our Range

Agricultural Stretch Films

Features multiple layers of coextruded blown stretch film developed with advanced polymers to ensure high performance.

Performance Baler Twines

Our comprehensive range of high quality Baling Twine is suitable for use on the most advanced baling machinery throughout the season.

Premium Silage Sheets

Our innovative range of Silage Sheets will provide you with the best available clamp management solution.

Agricultrual Round Bale Net Wrap

Zeus manufactures the highest quality, highest resistance and maximum strength bale net on the market today, featuring a breaking strain of up to 310kg.

Net Replacement Film

High performance polythene film product replacing bale net, recyclable with silage sheets.

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