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Global Manufacturing & Procurement

Leveraging Our Capabilities and Global Scale for your Benefit.

Investments in Production, Capacity & Technology throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas enable utilisation of either Zeus Owned or Strategic Partner production facilities.

We look to control a transparent supply chain approach to ensure the most efficient product costing model.

GENISIS offers a transparent approach to –

  • European or Global Production capabilities
  • Raw Material Cost Management
  • Product Design & Engineering Cost
  • Product Blend, Raw Material Component & Production process breakdown
  • Manufacturing & Conversion Costs including Energy, Labour & Conversion
  • Exchange Rate Mitigation & Working Capital Funding Services
  • Freight Forwarding & Shipping
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Stock & Serve
  • Local Logistics

Our 50 Strong procurement & supply chain sourcing teams offer Fully Integrated Supply Chain Management capability.

Accreditation & Audit – We employ a global audit team to ensure accreditation, environmental & labour compliance, and quality assurance process, full traceability within our own production facilities and from our strategic production partners.


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