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Sustainable Solutions

Zeus is unwavering in our commitment to the journey toward net zero; central to our sustainability mission is supporting our customers in reducing Scope 3 Emissions.

We approach this challenge by conducting a thorough assessment of your current packaging practices and implementing cost-effective strategies to align with your sustainability goals.

Our sustainable solutions encompass Re-Use and Closed Loop Recycling Strategies. Leveraging our Zeus Sustain Carbon Mapping Software, we evaluate the greenhouse gas emissions of your existing packaging product range and propose alternative product lines designed to minimize Scope 3 emissions. Our team of Packaging Engineers and Designers is equipped to optimize product engineering, eliminating plastics or optimizing material usage for efficiency without compromising strength.

Our consultants, trained in continuous improvement, collaborate with you to reorganize your packaging processes. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces waste. Additionally, our experts provide training to optimize packaging usage, ensuring a sustainable and streamlined approach.

At Zeus, we offer cutting-edge technologies, including the Apollo Pallet Wrapping System, specifically designed to minimize plastic usage, optimize holding force, and reduce costs. We also provide a diverse range of packaging solutions crafted from sustainable materials, perfectly aligned with your environmental objectives.

By choosing Zeus, you partner with a forward-thinking leader in sustainable packaging, dedicated to providing innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the environment while meeting the unique needs of your business.

Our Sustainability Solutions

Sustainable Packaging For Every Sector

Recycling & Waste Management Solutions

Carbon Footprint Mapping & Consultation

Sustainability Through System Automation

Consultation on Local Legislation

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