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Sustainability & Carbon Mapping Services

We believe that Sustainability/ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a critical challenge that can’t be ignored. That’s why we are dedicated to working with our customers to reduce Scope 3 Emissions throughout the Supply Chain

Our process engages our Zues Sustain specialists to understand your sustainability strategy and the challenges your organisation is facing in reducing Scope 3 Emissions.

The process looks to assess your existing supply chain for packaging, reviewing the existing product range, all manual and automated stages of the pack process complete with and end to end transit consideration. We will design a framework around your strategy, identifying opportunities to eliminate waste, improve process efficiency, optimise existing usage or introduce closed loop or re-use solutions, trial new raw material technologies.

Our innovative Zeus Sustain Carbon Mapping Software analyses existing packaging utilised within your business and provides Scope 3 Measurement on Carbon Emissions. We will work with you on alternative solutions and demonstrate real options to introduce lower carbon packaging products into the process.

Our Six Sigma Continuous Improvement trained staff will also demonstrate process enhancements through time in motion studies, process re-engineering, waste reduction strategies, introduction of automation, all design to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

We also advise on local compliance requirements to ensure understanding local levy, tax or compliance requirements.

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