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Zeus Group, the Irish-based global packaging solutions provider, is delighted to announce the acquisition of NIPS Ordnungssysteme GmbH (NIPS) a renowned provider of innovative packaging solutions based in Germany. This strategic acquisition marks an important milestone for Zeus Group as it expands its portfolio and strengthens its position in the German packaging industry.

Based in Regensburg, Germany, North of Munich, the packaging solutions business has over four decades of industry experience serving over 11 countries throughout Europe. NIPS has established itself as a trusted partner in delivering high-quality packaging solutions to various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, and logistics.

The acquisition of NIPS further solidifies Zeus Group’s position in Germany. By incorporating NIPS’ expertise, technology, and knowledge of the corrugated sector, Zeus Group aim to enhance its capabilities and offer a wider range of innovative packaging solutions to its global clientele.

Keith Ockenden, CEO of Zeus Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “We are excited to welcome NIPS to the Zeus Group family. This strategic acquisition allows us to expand our capabilities in the German packaging industry. The addition of the NIPS business complements our existing industrial & food packaging offering and pushes revenues from our mainland Europe businesses close to €200m.”

“NIPS’ established reputation, talented team, and commitment to sustainable packaging align perfectly with Zeus Group’s values. Together, we will drive innovation, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and create even greater value for our clients across Germany and Europe.”

Under the acquisition agreement, NIPS will continue to operate autonomously within Zeus Group, preserving its brand identity, existing customer relationships, and partnerships. The integration of NIPS into Zeus Group’s extensive network is expected to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, driving synergies and accelerating growth opportunities.

“NIPS is thrilled to become a part of Zeus Group,” said Mr. Matthias Röder, founder & Managing Director of NIPS. “The acquisition will provide us with access to enhanced resources, global reach, and an extensive customer base. Together, we will strengthen our position in the market and continue to deliver exceptional packaging solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Zeus Group’s acquisition of NIPS not only reinforces its commitment to delivering excellence but also underscores its dedication to sustainability. By leveraging NIPS’ expertise and incorporating innovative technologies, Zeus Group aims to develop environmentally friendly packaging solutions that reduce waste and minimize the ecological impact throughout the supply chain.